Fortnite Account like Evelone | Fast SHIPPING | WITH WARRANTY

Fortnite Account like Evelone | Fast SHIPPING | WITH WARRANTY

After the purchase you receive:
Instant delivery of goods
Access to the EpicGames client
The presence of the specified skins or their quantity in the name of the product
After payment you will receive login details for your account of the form: login @ domain; Passw0rd (Access to mail is not provided)
Operational support in case of any questions
Five-day account warranty. (in case of problems, contact PERSONAL CORRESPONDENCE)
All accounts are sold ONLY in one hand.

Terms of Use:
You will not be able to change mail from your account.
We recommend changing the password on your account.
We do not provide a refund for the purchased goods.
Account replacement is carried out only if the account loses its working capacity within 5 (five) days.

Do not leave negative feedback before solving the problem with the goods!

Attention! - We do not guarantee you the possibility of playing with consoles - this opportunity is random.


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