This Public Offer (hereinafter referred to as the “Offer”) is the official offer of the Site Administration to conclude with any individual, hereinafter referred to as the “Client”, the Goods Sale and Purchase Agreement under the conditions provided for in the Offer. The Site and the Client hereinafter referred to as the Offer are collectively referred to as the "Parties", and individually as the "Party". This Offer is addressed to an unlimited number of individuals with the appropriate legal capacity (legal personality, tort) in accordance with the legislation of Spain, allowing them to enter into civil relations with the Site Administration on the conditions specified in the Offer. It is hereby presumed and the Client confirms that he has sufficient legal capacity (legal personality, tort), sufficient to conclude a Sale and Purchase Agreement with the Site Administration under the conditions established in the Offer. Acceptance of this Offer is carried out by the Customer performing conclusive (actual) actions, indicating his intention, will and desire to enter into legal relations with the Site Administration. In particular, the indicated conclusive actions include payment by the Client of the cost of the Goods. Acceptance of the Offer means familiarization, understanding, together and individually, the conditions of the Offer, the full, unconditional and unconditional consent of the Client with the provisions and requirements defined in the Offer. From the moment of acceptance of the Offer, the Sale and Purchase Agreement between the Site Administration and the Client is recognized as concluded and agreed upon, and its conditions are subject to mandatory fulfillment by the Parties.


1.1. For the purposes of this Offer, the following terms are used in the following meaning:

1.1.1. Website - a website owned by the Site Administration and located on the Internet under the domain name (domain, address) - https://www.joferrer19store.com, as well as its derivative web pages, which ensure the interaction of the Client with the Seller through electronic channels communications, including for the purpose of transferring the Goods to the Client and mutual settlements between the Client and the Seller.

1.1.2. The Site Administration is the owner of the Site, providing it for use to Sellers and Buyers in accordance with the conditions specified in the Offer, having the rights to dispose of the Site in ways not prohibited by the legislation of Spain.

1.1.3. Seller - the Site Administration or any third party, on behalf of and in whose interests the Site Administration acts on the basis of mutual agreement, selling the Goods to Clients through the Site.

1.1.4. Buyer - an individual who purchases (acquires) the Goods, and / or has the intention to buy (acquire) the Goods, and / or who bought the Goods, and / or is familiar with the information about the Goods.

1.1.5. Product - Game Key or Game Account.

1.1.6. Game key - a key (code), which is a combination of various numbers, letters and symbols necessary to activate licensed computer games or programs.

1.1.7. Game account - a combination of a unique name (login) and user password in the corresponding computer game or program (user account in the computer game or program), necessary for entering and using the corresponding computer game or program, including using achievements, level, skills etc., reached by the user who originally owned this account.

1.1.8. The contract of sale of the Goods is an agreement between the Seller and the Customer, within the framework of which the Seller transfers, and the Customer accepts for a fee (on a fee basis) the rights to use the Goods in accordance with its main purpose.

1.1.9. Order - the Client’s application for the purchase (purchase) of the Goods from the Seller, drawn up through the Website and representing the free and independent intention and expression of the will of the Client to purchase the goods selected by the Client from the Seller.

1.1.10. E-mail (E-mail) - a special technology that provides the sending and receiving of electronic messages, letters, files, documents, etc. through the use of information and telecommunications network Internet.

1.2. In the Offer, terms not defined in clause may be used.1.1. of the present Offer. In these cases, the interpretation of the terms is made in accordance with the text and the meaning of this Offer. In the absence of an unambiguous interpretation of the term in the text of the Offer, one should be guided, firstly, by the interpretation of the terms used on the Site, including in the legal documentation posted on the Site; secondly, the legislation of Spain and the customs of business practice in the relevant field of activity.


2.1. Under this Offer, the Site Administration, acting on its own behalf or on behalf of the Seller, sells the Goods through the Site to Clients, and the Client pays for this Product in the amount, on the terms and in the manner established in this Offer.

2.2. The name, range and type of product, its description, cost and payment methods, as well as other conditions, are listed on the Site on the relevant product web page.
The product is provided to the Customer in accordance with the characteristics and parameters specified in the product's description on the relevant web page. At the time of sale (transfer) of the Goods, the Administration of the Site guarantees the quality and health of the Product.

3.1. Rights and Responsibilities of the Site Administration:
3.1.1. The Site Administration undertakes, at the request of the Client, to advise the latter on the technical side of the site's use and acquisition of the Product.
The Site Administration undertakes to review and verify motivated claims from clients.
The Site Administration is committed to keeping the site in working condition.
3.1.4. The administration of the Site has the right to remove information about a particular product from the Site without notice.
3.1.5. The administration of the Site has the right to refuse the Client to carry out his Order without explanation.
3.1.6. The Administration of the Site has the right to check the information about the Product provided by the Seller, to carry out preliminary moderation of the Goods, the information about which is posted on the Site.
3.1.7. The Administration of the Site has the right to engage third parties in order to fulfil its obligations under this Offer, while remaining responsible for their actions and decisions as their own.
3.1.8. The administration of the Site has the right to carry out preventive work on the Site, so that the site may not be available for use at the specified time.
3.2. Client's rights and responsibilities:
The Customer undertakes to pay the value of the Goods, as determined in accordance with the terms of this Offer.
The Client undertakes to immediately notify the Site Administration of the existence of claims against the Product.
The customer undertakes to read the product's description, its characteristics and terms of sale before buying (purchasing) the Product.
The customer undertakes to independently and in a timely manner familiarize himself with all the information posted on the Site, as well as in notifications to the Customer's email address.
The customer has the right to choose the product from the list of Goods offered on the Site.
The customer has the right to determine the way the product is paid for on its own from the list of payment methods offered on the Site.
3.2.7. This Client gives his consent to the Site Administration to direct to his address, to the client's email of any information messages, notifications, etc.
The client recognizes and agrees that changes may be made to the technical device of the computer game or the software for which the Product is purchased. In these cases, the Client undertakes not to make any claims or claims against the Site Administration.

3.2.8. The Client acknowledges and agrees that the technical device of the computer game or program for the use of which the Goods are purchased may be amended by the manufacturer. In these cases, the Client undertakes not to submit any claims and requirements to the Site Administration.

3.2.9. The Client hereby understands and agrees that the internal policy of the manufacturer of the computer game or program may impose restrictions on the transfer of the Game Key or the Game Account, in connection with which the manufacturer may take measures to block the relevant users using this Product or take other actions aimed to prevent the use of a computer game or program. The Site Administration is not responsible in the specified part, and the Client agrees not to make claims or claims against it, independently bearing all the negative consequences of these restrictions on the part of the manufacturer.

3.2.10. When purchasing the Goods, the Client undertakes to act in good faith and not abuse his rights, in particular, not to purchase the Goods with the aim of extorting another Goods or committing other dishonest actions that cause damage, loss or expense to the Site Administration or the Seller.


4.1. The cost of the Goods is determined at the discretion of the Site Administration or the Seller on their own solely and is indicated on the web page with a description of the corresponding Goods.

4.2. The cost of the Goods includes all commissions charged by payment systems, using which the cost of the goods is paid by the Client.

4.3. The basis for payment for the cost of the Goods is the Customer's Order.

4.4. Payment for the cost of the Goods is made by the Client by the methods established in accordance with the technical and technological device of the Site and indicated on it.

4.5. Payment of the value of the Goods is made by the Customer on the terms of 100% (100%) pre-payment of the Goods.

4.6. The date of payment is the date of receipt of funds to the Disposal of the Site Administration.
4.7. The Administration of the Site has the right to unilaterally change the value of goods without explanation and without prior notification to customers by publishing the new value of the Goods on the Site.
The administration of the Site has the right to set a minimum cost for a particular product.

5.1. Purchase of Goods by the Customer is carried out in the following sequence:
5.1.1. Choosing A Product from the list of Goods offered on the Site and clicking on the "Buy" button on the website describing the relevant product.
5.1.2. Choosing the payment method and taking other related actions necessary in connection with the requirements of the appropriate payment system.
5.1.3. Transfer of Goods to the Customer by providing an active hyperlink to receive the Goods.
5.2. The transfer of the goods to the Customer is made only on condition of its 100% (100%) pre-payment by the Client.
5.3. The Administration of the Site is considered to have fulfilled its obligations under this Offer from the moment the Client was given an active hyperlink to receive the Product.

6.1. The customer undertakes to read the Product in as much detail as possible before purchasing it, in particular to study the description of the Product published on the relevant web page of the Product. Claims related and conditional on the client's non-familiarization/inappropriate review of the product description are not accepted by the Site Administration and are subject to rejection.
6.2. In the case of the poor quality of the Product (it is not possible to use it for the main purpose) due to the fault of the Site Administration or the Seller, the Client is given the right to choose:
6.2.1. The right to replace a product of poor quality on a good quality product.
6.2.2. Right to return previously paid cash.
6.3. The Parties have found that the quality check of the Goods and the customer's claim in the specified part is carried out by the Client within 30 (thirty) minutes of receiving the Product by the Customer. At the end of this period, any claims from the Client are not accepted and are subject to rejection.
6.4. If the Product is delayed or not received within 24 hours of providing the Customer with an active hyperlink to receive the Product, the Customer who purchased the Product must apply to the Site Administration's support service with a claim. If you do not comply with this deadline, it is considered that the Client received the Product and does not have in the specified part of the claims to the Administration of the Site.
The resolution of other claims and claims of the Client may be established in the text of this Offer.
6.6. The seller has the right to terminate the dialogue with the client who behaves inappropriately: uses profanity in the dialogue/turns to personal relationships.

Parties are liable under current law if the obligations are not fulfilled or improperly fulfilled.
7.2. The item purchased (purchased) by the Customer is provided on the basis of "as is" (as is). At the same time, the Administration of the Site is not responsible in any form for the non-conformity of the Product to the goals, objectives, perceptions or desires of the Client.
7.3. Nothing in this Offer can guarantee for the Client full satisfaction of his interests and the needs associated with the purchase (acquisition) of the Goods.
The Administration of the Site is not liable for losses and expenses incurred by the Client, in particular:
7.4.1. Losses and costs caused by third party actions/inaction.
7.4.2. Losses and costs incurred due to disruptions and interruptions in the site.
7.4.3. Losses and costs arising from exposure to computer viruses, Trojans, worms, etc.
7.4.4. Losses and costs associated with blocking the user after using the item after it is sold, regardless of the reason for the blocking.
7.5. The Administration of the Site is not responsible for the loss of the Customer's data on the Game Key or The Gaming Account, nor is it responsible for all the negative consequences arising and associated with such a loss.

7.6. The administration of the Site is not responsible for the product offered by the Seller (not the Site Administration) for sale. In these cases, the Site acts as an information technology platform, which advertises the sale of Goods by other persons - Sellers. In connection with the said inability to resolve the relevant conflict by the Site Administration with the Seller, the Client is obliged to make the relevant claims directly to the Seller, from whom he purchased the Goods.

7.7. The Administration of the Site is not responsible for the costs, losses and other damage stemming from the client's introduction to advertising, advertising banners and ads, contextual advertising, hyperlinks to which are posted on the Site. The client undertakes not to make a claim against the Administration for these expenses, damages and other damages, and the claims are to be rejected.
7.8. The Administration of the Site is not responsible for the failure of the Customer to receive the Product in the event that the Client does not have access to the Site (e-mail)
through the Internet for reasons beyond the will of the Site Administration (the client's lack of the necessary software, the ability to access the Internet, the actions of providers, energy companies, the impact of computer viruses and/or malware, etc.).
7.9. For violation of this Offer and other conditions of use of the Site, the Site Administration has the right to apply the following measures to the Client:
· Block customer access to the Site for a certain period of time.
· limit the scope of the client's possible use of the Site for a certain period or without a deadline.
7.10 Parties are exempt from liability for breaches of the terms of this Treaty if the violation is caused by force majeure (circumstances of irresistible force). The parties agreed that such actions, in particular, are the actions of state authorities, local governments, fire, flood, earthquake, other natural actions, lack of electricity and/or computer network failures, strikes, civil unrest, unrest. In the event of force majeure, the deadlines for the implementation of the obligations specified in the Treaty are postponed to a period during which the circumstances.

8.1. The real Administration of the Site and the Client, in their relationship with each other, have
established a pre-trial procedure for resolving differences and disputes arising from the relationship between them in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement. The deadline for responding to a claim is 10 (ten) working days from the date of receipt.
8.2. If an agreement is not reached on contentious issues, the dispute arising from the Agreement is to be considered by the court: the magistrate, or the district court, or the arbitration court, depending on the jurisdiction and jurisdiction of the dispute in accordance with the applicable law at the location of the Site Administration.
In all cases without exception, applicable material and procedural law in the event of disputed and conflict situations is the material and procedural law of Spain

9.1. The real Offer takes effect from the moment it is posted on the Internet on the Site specified in paragraph 1.1.1. offer.
9.2. The real Offer is placed indefinitely and loses its validity when it is cancelled by the Site Administration.
9.3. If changes are made to the Offer, such changes will take effect from the time the new version of the Offer is published on the Site, unless a different period of entry into force is further defined when they are published. The administration of the Site has the right to unilaterally make changes to the text of the Offer.

The Client undertakes to independently monitor changes in the provisions of this Offer and is responsible and the negative consequences associated with non-compliance with this duty.

9.5. If the Client disagrees with the relevant changes, the Client is obliged to stop using the Site and refuse the services provided by the Site Administration. Otherwise, continued use by the Customer of the Site means that the Client agrees with the terms of the offer in the new edition.
9.6. The current version of the Offer is available on the Site at: https://joferrer19store.com/page/agreement
The real Offer was written in Russian language. If there were any discrepancies between the version of offer written in Russian and the version of offer translated into another language, the provisions of the Offer, written in Russian language, would have priority and direct application.

10. Items in the "Fortnite" Category Fortnite:
10.1. Guarantee on the ability to link your console to your purchased account - not provided (unless specified in the name)
10.2. Mail access is not available (unless the name is listed)
10.3. The presence of game items/skins is specified in the name of the product.
10.4. Items such as "Account like ... " are accounts with a minimum number of gaming PVP skins, in the amount of 10 pieces